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How to Find Singers For Your Beats in 2024 (11 Best Sites)

As a producer, finding singers and vocalists for your next track can get a little overwhelming. 


You never know where to start, who to trust, and whether that singer/songwriter will actually match your vision.


Plus, you can run into issues with quality, communication, and budget. 


That’s exactly why I’m breaking down the top 11 sites to help you find singers that are professional, versatile, and actually fit your project needs.


They all include features like:


  • Unique features and offers ✓
  • Session singers for all genres (pop, R&B, trap hooks, etc.) ✓
  • High-quality demos so you can hear the vocals first ✓
  • Detailed singer/songwriter profiles ✓
  • Direct communication tools ✓
  • Review and rating systems of each vocalist ✓
  • Budget-friendly/free options ✓
  • Project management tools ✓
  • Collaboration features ✓
  • Much more about how to find singers online ✓


After reading this article, you’ll not only know how to find singers online, but you’ll also understand the unique features of each platform.


As well as how exactly to take advantage of them to find the perfect vocalist and manage your projects and collaborations like a professional. 


This way, your tracks are sure to be top-quality, well-executed, and perfectly matched with the right vocal talent.


So, let’s dive right in…


How to Find Singers In The Music Production World: Top 11 Sites


As a music producer, finding the right singer/songwriter for your next track is key for creating a hit song. In 2024, the internet offers several ways to connect music producers with talented vocalists and artists for their projects. The following 11 websites are all reliable, affordable, and official, so you won’t have to worry about anything.


#1. SoundBetter


how to find singers


SoundBetter is one of the most renowned platforms for music producers to find professional singers and vocalists (females).


It offers a wide range of vocalists from various genres 一 ensuring you find the perfect voice for your track through high-quality demos.


This makes it super easy to scope out the talent of each unique singer.


Plus, SoundBetter’s user-friendly interface allows you to filter vocalists based on their: 


  • Experience
  • Vocals/style
  • Budget


One unique feature of SoundBetter is its extensive review system. 


You can read reviews and ratings from other producers who have worked with the singers and heard their vocals firsthand, which is super beneficial.


It breaks down their professionalism, sound quality, lyrics, etc. so you can really make the best decision for your track.


Additionally, SoundBetter offers project management tools to fast-track the hiring process, so you’ll have a smooth collaboration from start to finish. 


Whether you need session singers for a single song or a lead vocalist for an entire album, SoundBetter provides the resources to connect producers and singers globally.


#2. AirGigs


Airgigs - Unison


AirGigs is one of the most popular platforms for music producers looking to hire professional singers for their tracks.


It has a super impressive network of session singers who specialize in various genres, from pop to rock and everything in between (even jazz).


The in-depth profiles and audio samples allow you to evaluate each singer’s capabilities 一 making it easier to find a perfect match for your track. 


AirGigs also provides reviews from other producers so you can make the best choice.


One standout feature of AirGigs is its direct communication system… 


You can directly message an artist to break down details, expectations, sounds, etc. before you hire them.


This way, everybody is on the same page.


It helps you have a better working relationship with that person and you can make sure the final vocals meet your production needs and standards.


AirGigs is particularly useful for producers looking to find vocalists who can deliver high-quality recordings for their next track in a hurry.


#3. Fiverr


Fiverr - Unison


Fiverr is a versatile freelance marketplace where music producers can find singers and vocalists for all their projects. 


It has a wide range of vocalists at various price points, so it’s accessible for producers with different budgets. 


Fiverr’s search and filter options allow you to find singers based on: 


  • Genre
  • Style
  • Vocal range
  • Overall vibe


This way, you’ll be able to find the right match for your beat.


One of the unique aspects of Fiverr, similar to SoundBetter, is the ability to see samples of previous work and read reviews from other clients. 


This transparency helps you see the quality and reliability of someone before you hire vocalists for your unique project.


  • Pro Tip


Fiverr also offers an escrow system to secure payments…


Meaning that both producers and singers/vocalists have a smooth and secure transaction without any legal issues.


Whether you need vocals for one hit song or an entire project, Fiverr provides a wide range of options to help you master how to find singers online.


#4. Vocalizr


Vocalizr - Unison


Vocalizr is a dedicated platform for music producers looking to hire vocalists, session singers, and topline songwriters.


It lets producers like yourself post their songs and actually hold contests where artists can submit their best performances/vocals (pretty cool, right?).


This unique feature gives you multiple options to choose from and helps you find the perfect voice for your specific song. 


Vocalizr also provides demos of each singer, so you can check out their talent, vibe, and overall performance value.


In addition to contests, Vocalizr offers a straightforward hiring process. 


You can directly hire singers based on their profiles and past work for a quick and efficient collaboration. 


It’s designed to cater specifically to the music industry 一 providing tools and features that make it easier to connect producers and singers.


Whether you are looking for a session singer/songwriter or a lead vocalist, Vocalizr offers a professional and straightforward platform to find the right talent.


#5. Kompoz


Kompoz e1717799976952 - Unison


Kompoz is a collaborative music creation platform that enables music producers to find singers and vocalists to contribute to their projects. 


It’s completely committed to teamwork and lets multiple artists work together on a single track to create something truly magical.


You can browse through detailed profiles and listen to high-quality demos to find singers who match your musical style and vision.


A unique feature of Kompoz is its focus on remote collaboration. 


It provides tools for flawless communication and file sharing 一 making it easy to work with singers from anywhere in the world. 


This way you can hear the artist singing and how they’ll blend with your sounds.


Kompoz also offers a community-driven environment.


It encourages artists (or a songwriter) to collaborate on multiple projects and build lasting professional relationships, which actually works.


For music producers looking to find vocalists who can collaborate remotely and master how to find singers anywhere, Kompoz is a fantastic option.


#6. BandMix


- Unison


BandMix is a networking site for musicians that is perfect if you’re looking for singers and vocalists who can actually deliver.


Unlike other platforms, BandMix allows you to search for singers based on location, which is perfect if you prefer in-person collaborations or live performances. 


It includes audio samples, videos, and past performance history, so you can really understand each vocalist’s capabilities.


BandMix’s extensive network of musicians makes it invaluable.


It also encourages local connections 一 making it easier to find singers for live performances and studio recordings. 


You can even join or form bands, collaborate on projects, and even find musicians for live gigs or other personal projects.


With its focus on networking and community, BandMix is a great choice for music producers looking for singers and want to build lasting musical connections.


#7. ReverbNation


ReverbNation - Unison


ReverbNation is a popular platform for independent musicians, offering a range of tools to help music producers find singers and vocalists.


It features detailed profiles, audio samples, and honest reviews, so you’ll be able to find the perfect singer/songwriter for the track you have in mind.


ReverbNation’s community-driven approach encourages collaboration and networking, helping you build a network of reliable vocalists.


One of the standout features of ReverbNation, aside from looking for artists, is its promotional tools (regardless of whether you’re a song writer or producer)


You can use these record-breaking tools to: 



ReverbNation also offers opportunities for career development, such as contests and showcases 一 providing valuable exposure for both producers and vocalists


If you’re looking for a platform that combines talent discovery and endless vocals with promotional opportunities, ReverbNation is a great choice.


#8. Music Gateway


Music Gateway - Unison


If you’re wondering how to find singers, Music Gateway is a great platform designed to connect music professionals (yes, including producers and vocalists). 


You’ll get access to:


  • A marketplace for hiring talent
  • Project management tools
  • Different collaboration features


The vivid profiles and array of high-quality demos will make it super easy to find singers that can bring new life to your epic beats.


A beneficial aspect of Music Gateway is its focus on collaboration and professional project management.


It also provides tools to help you manage your projects from start to finish 一 ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. 


Music Gateway also encourages long-term partnerships, helping you build a reliable network of professional vocalists. 


For music producers looking for a solid platform to manage their projects and find top talent, Music Gateway is an excellent option.


#9. StarNow


StarNow e1717800079285 - Unison


StarNow is a talent casting platform that includes a section for musicians and singers. 


Music producers can use StarNow to find vocalists for their projects and its extensive network makes it easy to find singers who fit great with your specific style/sound.


One of the unique aspects of StarNow is its focus on talent discovery. 


It provides opportunities for both established and emerging singers 一 giving you access to a super diverse lineup of talented musicians.


Whether you are looking for a professional singer/songwriter or up-and-coming artist who can bring fresh energy to your tracks, StarNow helps you find the right match. 


Remember, it’s all about what your unique track needs.


It also offers various tools for promoting your music on social media and connecting with other artist, enhancing your overall music production experience.


  • Pro Tip For Music Producers Looking For Singers


Recording - Unison


StarNow allows you to post specific casting calls for vocalists, so you can find artists who are genuinely interested in your project and awesome sounds.


It’s super beneficial for everybody involved.


For music producers looking to find singers who can add a unique voice to their songs, StarNow is an excellent platform to explore. 


Also, if you’re unsure if that person can deliver, make sure to either hold an interview or get a private soundcloud link 一 anything that shows their talent.


#10. TuneCore Social


TuneCore Social - Unison


TuneCore Social is a platform that combines social networking with music production services, making it a valuable tool for music producers looking to find artists. 


The platform allows you to connect with other musicians (including vocalists that sing all day) and manage your social media presence. 


And yes, the profiles you’ll search through all contain samples and clips to help you find the right match.


One of the unique features of TuneCore Social is its integration with TuneCore’s distribution services. 


This allows you to manage your entire music production process 一 from finding someone who can sing to releasing your tracks


TuneCore Social also offers tools for promoting your music so it’ll be much easier to reach a huge audience and get your songs heard.


For music producers looking for a pretty impressive platform to connect with singers and manage their projects, TuneCore Social is an ideal option.


#11. The Vocal Company


Recording session scaled - Unison


The Vocal Company specializes in providing vocal services for aspiring music producers, singers, and songwriters. 


Plus, a range of beneficial services, including: 



Detailed profiles and high-quality demos help you find professional singers who can deliver the vocals you need for your songs. 


One unique feature of The Vocal Company is its focus on personalized service… 


It provides one-on-one support to help you find the right singer/songwriter and ensure a successful collaboration. 


The Vocal Company also offers additional services, such as mix and mastering tasks, so it’s basically a one-stop shop for your music production needs


If you’re looking for a platform that offers personalized and professional vocal services, The Vocal Company is a great choice.


5 Pro Tips For Finding Singers/Vocalists


When you want to figure out how to find singers, it can be a little daunting. Finding the right ones can make a huge difference in the quality and appeal of your songs. As a bonus, here are five pro tips to help you master the process and find the perfect voice for your next project.


  • Define Your Needs


Producers Talking - Unison


Before you start searching, clearly define what you’re looking for in a singer. 


Consider the genre, vocal range, style, lyrics, and any specific qualities you need for your song to learn how to find singers for you.


Having a clear vision will make your search much easier and help you find the best match much faster.


  • Listen to Samples


Singer - Unison


Always listen to multiple samples or songs of a singer’s work before making a decision. 


High-quality demos will give you a good idea of their vocals and how they might fit into your project.


Look for consistency and versatility in their performances. 


And please make sure they can actually sing and always check out their social media to make sure they’re serious about singing, recording, and their songs standards.


  • Check Reviews and Ratings


Recording Process - Unison


Take the time to read reviews and check ratings from other producers who have worked with the artist (whether it’s from the site itself or something like Spotify or YouTube). 


This feedback can provide valuable insights into their professionalism, reliability, and quality of work. 


It’s an essential step to avoid potential issues.


  • Communicate Clearly


Music Producer 2 - Unison


Effective communication is key to a successful collaboration, period.


So always make sure to discuss your project’s details, expectations, lyrics, and deadlines with potential singers before hiring them. 


Clear communication helps ensure that the artist understands your vision and can deliver the desired results. 


  • Consider Budget and Terms


Money Music - Unison


Be upfront about your budget and terms when negotiating with a singer/song writer on how much you can pay.


Different platforms offer various pricing options, so choose one that fits your financial constraints (free, paid, higher/lower budget).


Being clear about payment and project terms from the start will help avoid misunderstandings later.


How to Find Singers In The Music Industry: Final Thoughts


As a music producer, finding talented singers that match your vibe can be a challenging and sometimes daunting task. 


You need to make sure the vocalist you choose fits your style, budget, and project requirements. 


Plus, see if they can deliver high-quality recordings and meet your deadlines. 


However, the right singer can transform your tracks and elevate your music to new heights, so make sure to check out the 11 sites we broke down today.

And take note of the pro tips, as well.


Now, even though you now know how to find singers, if you’re looking for the Best Free Vocal Samples in the game, then look no further. 


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So, now that you know how to find singers, make sure to explore these free samples and incorporate them into your projects. 


Plus, always keep pushing your creative boundaries to find the perfect voice for your unique style.


Until next time…




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