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The Best MIDI Generator For 2024: Introducing MIDI Wizard 2.0

MIDI Wizard 2.0 is a revolutionary MIDI generator, a groundbreaking tool that’s transforming the landscape of digital music production.


As a sophisticated MIDI editor and MIDI maker, it’s designed to help you create music with ease, offering infinite inspiration and a supercharged creative process.


Whether generating AI MIDI chord progressions and melodies or seeking a MIDI output that surpasses human limits, this software is your key to unlocking new levels of music composition.


You’ll be learning everything about MIDI Wizard, like:


  • Its revolutionized interface ✓
  • Genre-specific creation ✓
  • Workflow enhancement ✓
  • How it can help your music skyrocket to the top ✓
  • AI-powered capabilities ✓
  • Diverse modes and styles ✓
  • Cutting-edge synth and FX ✓
  • User-Friendly features ✓
  • Why it’s better than all other music generators ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll know everything about MIDI Wizard 2.0 necessary to elevate your music production skills.


You’ll be equipped to harness its full potential 一 creating captivating music and exploring new creative horizons like a professional.


Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an experienced producer, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is invaluable.


So, let’s dive in…


What is MIDI Wizard 2.0?


MIDI Wizard 2.0 1 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is a groundbreaking MIDI generator software, redefines the landscape of digital music production.


Developed by Unison Audio, this innovative tool is designed to harness the full potential of MIDI technology.


It offers musicians and producers an unprecedented level of control and creativity.


This MIDI generator stands as a testament to the evolution of music software 一 incorporating the latest advances in machine learning and AI MIDI to facilitate a seamless music-making experience.


At its core, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is more than just a MIDI editor or a simple MIDI maker.


It’s an all-encompassing solution that transforms the way MIDI files are: 


  • Discovered
  • Created
  • Manipulated


This software taps into advanced algorithms to generate MIDI data that can elevate any music project.


Whether it’s crafting intricate melodies, developing complex chord progressions, or exploring new genres, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is equipped to handle all these tasks with precision and ease.


The Breakthrough Features of MIDI Wizard 2.0


Moving beyond traditional MIDI generators, MIDI Wizard 2.0 introduces a suite of features that are both innovative and user-friendly. This section delves into the core functionalities that set this software apart in the world of music production.


  • Completely Rebuilt Interface and Functionality


MIDI generator


The interface of MIDI Wizard 2.0 has been completely rebuilt, offering a user-friendly experience that is intuitive and efficient.


The redesign focuses on streamlining the workflow, allowing musicians to quickly access and utilize the software’s vast array of features. 


The layout is clean and uncluttered 一 ensuring that users can focus on creativity without being overwhelmed by unnecessary complexities or unclear parameters.


Functionality is at the heart of MIDI Wizard 2.0’s interface. 


The software supports drag-and-drop actions, making it effortless to integrate a MIDI file or audio file into any project. 


NOTE: It’s also compatible with all major DAWs, like FL Studio, ensuring a seamless workflow for music producers.


MIDI Wizard DAWs - Unison


This level of integration is crucial in a fast-paced production environment where time and efficiency are of the essence.


  • Genre-Specific Chord Progression & Melody Generation


Algorithms - Unison


One of the standout features of MIDI Wizard 2.0 is its ability to generate genre-specific chord progressions and melodies.


This capability is a game-changer for producers, as it allows for the creation of music that resonates with the specific style and mood of various genres.


Whether it’s crafting a soulful jazz piece or an energetic EDM song, the software provides the appropriate MIDI data to match the genre’s essence.


The genre-specific functionality is powered by an extensive collection of over 102,000 custom-designed MIDI fragments.


These fragments are carefully curated to reflect the unique characteristics of each genre.


This ensures that the generated MIDI files are not only technically sound but also stylistically accurate.


This feature empowers producers to explore (and even create) new genres with confidence 一 knowing that the MIDI Wizard 2.0 has the capability to produce authentic and high-quality MIDI data.


  • Supercharging Workflow and Creativity


MIDI Wizard What People Are Saying - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is designed to supercharge the creative process and workflow of music producers.


You can see what some of the most legendary professional producers are saying, above.


By automating the generation of complex MIDI data, the software frees up valuable time, allowing producers to focus on the more creative aspects of music production.


This efficiency is a significant advantage in a competitive industry where speed and quality are paramount.


The software’s AI-driven algorithms offer endless possibilities for creativity.


With a click of a button you can generate and experiment with different: 


  • Chord progressions
  • Melodies
  • Rhythms


This level of automation and flexibility is essential for producers looking to break creative barriers and explore new musical territories.


With MIDI Wizard 2.0, the potential for innovation in music production is virtually limitless.


  • Unprecedented AI Integration


MIDI Wizard AI Integration - Unison


AI (artificial intelligence) integration is a cornerstone of MIDI Wizard 2.0, setting it apart from traditional MIDI generators.


The software leverages advanced AI tools and machine-learning technologies to analyze and create MIDI data that is technically proficient and musically expressive. 


This integration allows for a more nuanced and sophisticated approach to MIDI generation 一 one that goes beyond basic pitch and rhythm.


The AI capabilities of MIDI Wizard 2.0 extend to its chord progression detection feature.


This innovative function enables the software to intelligently analyze existing chord progressions and generate matching melodies.


It ensures complete musical coherence and creativity.


Download MIDI Wizard 2.0 Now


What’s New in MIDI Wizard 2.0?


In its latest iteration, MIDI Wizard 2.0 introduces several new features and enhancements that significantly improve its functionality. These updates demonstrate a commitment to staying at the forefront of music production technology. Let’s dive in.


  • New Modes and Styles


MIDI Wizard2 1 e1701813489178 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 now includes three main modes, each with two distinct styles, broadening the scope for creative exploration. 


Chord mode, for example, generates impressive chord progressions in either block format or rhythm, catering to a variety of musical needs.


This mode is instrumental for producers looking to lay down the foundational elements of a beat or song quickly and efficiently.


Melody mode shines by producing captivating melody top lines, suitable for longer leads or short plucks.


This mode is particularly useful for crafting the signature tunes that define a song


Hybrid mode, however, is where MIDI Wizard 2.0 truly excels.


It combines both chord and melody algorithms with AI (artificial intelligence) for results that are nothing short of groundbreaking.


This audio mode offers producers an unparalleled toolkit for creating complex and innovative music pieces.


It’s better than virtually every MIDI maker software/app out there, including Spotify Basic Pitch.


  • Built-In Synth, Sampler, and Factory Presets


MIDI Wizard Leads e1701813714336 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 now comes equipped with a world-class built-in synth, complete with 200 factory presets, and an audio sampler.


This addition significantly enhances the software’s versatility.


It allows users to immediately pair generated MIDI chord progressions or melodies with a suitable synth preset. 


The presets are varied and cater to a wide range of musical styles.


The functionality extends beyond preset selection.


Users can shape and mold their sound using the included macros, offering a high degree of customization upon playback.


The ability to scroll through and mix different presets, along with the drag-and-drop capability for your favorite one-shots makes this MIDI generator ideal for generating and manipulating every MIDI file.


  • Advanced FX Features


FX Features MIDI Wizard - Unison


Enhancing the musicality of MIDI files, MIDI Wizard 2.0 includes 16 world-class built-in FX.


These audio effects range from Auto-Pan and Bitcrush to more complex ones like Space and Wobble, providing a comprehensive toolkit for producers to shape their sounds.


When people hear your tracks, they’ll instantly be captivated.


The 16 FX are:


  • Auto-Pan‎‎‎
  • Bitcrush
  • Chorus
  • Compress
  • Destroy
  • Detune
  • Echo‎‎‎
  • Flange
  • Mangle
  • Phase
  • Reverse‎‎‎
  • Space
  • Tremolo
  • Verb
  • Vibrato‎‎‎
  • Wobble


Each effect is fully adjustable 一 granting you the ability to play and fine-tune their chord progressions and melodies to achieve a unique sound (fitting all lyrics).


The inclusion of these FX features is not just about variety; it’s about quality.


Each effect is designed to bring out the best in the MIDI data, whether it’s adding depth, tempo, texture, or character to your music.


This level of control ensures that the MIDI output from the software can meet professional standards and cater to the demands of modern music production.


  • AI Chord Progression Detection


MIDI Wizard AI Detection - Unison


AI (artifical intelligence) Chord Progression Detection in MIDI Wizard 2.0 is a feature that showcases the capabilities of this MIDI generator.


This feature allows the software to analyze an existing chord progression (whether it’s imported or created within the software) and then generate a perfectly matching melody.


It ensures that the resulting music is harmonious and well-structured 一 essential for creating professional-quality compositions.


The beauty of this feature lies in its ability to adapt.


Whether the user inputs a basic chord progression or a more complex arrangement, MIDI Wizard 2.0’s AI seamlessly aligns the melody with the underlying chords.


This not only enhances the musicality of the output but also saves time and effort, making the music creation process more efficient.


  • Integration with Other Unison Tools


MIDI WizardBass Dragon e1701815513927 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0’s capability is further enhanced by its integration with other Unison tools, such as: 



This integration allows for the generation of perfectly matching basslines and drums patterns to complement the chord progressions and melodies you create.


The synergy between different tools streamlines the music production process 一 making it easier for producers to develop cohesive and polished tracks.


The integration facilitates a more holistic approach to music creation, where every element of a song can be seamlessly aligned.


  • Additional User-Requested Features


MIDI Wizard Added Feature - Unison


Responding to the feedback and requests from its user community, MIDI Wizard 2.0 has incorporated several new features.


For example, these include velocity sensitivity and swing options for more humanized-sounding MIDI creations.


The software now also offers labeled chord progressions 一 aiding in both learning and creative processes.


Additionally, users can now export their creations not only as MIDI files but also as audio files, providing greater flexibility and convenience.


Download The #1 MIDI Generator In The World


Benefits of Using MIDI Wizard 2.0


MIDI Wizard 2.0 isn’t just about new features; it’s about the tangible benefits it brings to music producers. This section explores how the software can transform the music creation process.


  • Instant Generation of Chord Progressions and Melodies


MIDI Wizard Genres - Unison


One of the most significant benefits of MIDI Wizard 2.0 is its ability to instantly generate chord progressions and melodies.


This feature is invaluable for music producers who need to quickly lay down the foundation of a track. 


With a vast array of genre-specific options, the software can create complex and captivating progressions and melodies at the click of a button.


Whether you want to produce a killer intro, play around with notes, or produce progressions and melodies on demand, this MIDI generator is invaluable.


The instant generation capability not only saves time but also ensures a high level of quality and creativity. 


You can experiment with different styles and song structures without the time-consuming process of manual MIDI input.


This efficiency is crucial in a fast-paced industry where time is often of the essence.


Plus, it offers you infinite inspiration and creativity!


And remember, everything you create or write, commercial or personal, you can keep all the royalties.


  • Accelerated Music Production


Music Producer 2 - Unison


In today’s music industry, the ability to produce high-quality music quickly is a significant advantage.


This MIDI generator accelerates the music production process by automating the creation of complex MIDI sequences.


This allows you to focus on other creative aspects of your projects, like:



The software’s intuitive interface and seamless integration with any DAW further enhance its utility in speeding up production.


Whether starting a new audio track or finishing an existing project in your DAW, MIDI Wizard 2.0 streamlines the workflow.


This makes it easier and faster to achieve the desired results.


  • Gaining a Competitive Edge


MIDI Wizard Advantage e1701816210487 - Unison


In the highly competitive world of music production, having a tool like MIDI Wizard 2.0 can be a game-changer.


The advanced features and capabilities of this MIDI generator give you an edge over others 一 enabling you to create unique and professional-sounding music.


The genre-specific algorithms and AI integration ensure that the music produced with MIDI Wizard 2.0 stands out in terms of quality and originality.


You’ll instantly be able to hear the difference in your tracks.


This can be a critical factor in gaining recognition in the industry, attracting a wider audience, and ultimately achieving success as a music producer.


The Ease of Using MIDI Wizard 2.0: Simple 3-Step Process


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is not just about power and versatility; it’s also about ease of use.


The software is designed to be accessible to producers of all skill levels, making complex music production tasks simpler.


Using MIDI Wizard 2.0 is as easy as 1-2-3:


#1. Select


MIDI Wizard Select - Unison


Choose your preferred genre, key, mode, type, and length, which sets the stage for the type of music you intend to create. This initial step is crucial for ensuring that the MIDI generator aligns with your specific musical vision and style.


#2. Generate


MIDI Wizard Generate - Unison


This single action unleashes the power of MIDI Wizard 2.0, instantly creating hit-quality chord progressions or melodies. 


#3. Drag & Drop


MIDI Wizard Drag Drop - Unison


Simply drag & drop the newly generated MIDI data into your project, or exporting it for later use, making the integration into your workflow effortless.


Yes, it’s really that simple (and effective!).


  • The Perfect Algorithm


MIDI Wizard 3 1 - Unison


At the heart of MIDI Wizard 2.0 is its perfect algorithm 一 a blend of over 102,000 custom-designed, genre-specific MIDI fragments and cutting-edge AI. 


This algorithm ensures that the software reliably produces high-quality MIDI files that sound good 98% of the time.


It’s a sophisticated system that understands the nuances of different musical styles.


Therefore, it delivers MIDI data that resonates with both the technical and emotional aspects of music production.


  • Built-in Piano Roll and Editing Tools


MIDI Wizard Piano Roll - Unison


This MIDI maker includes a fully-loaded, built-in piano roll, enhancing the software’s editing capabilities.


This feature allows musicians to fine-tune generated MIDI files 一 adjusting notes to fit their precise requirements.


Scale highlighting ensures that every adjustment made is musically accurate, eliminating the trial and error often associated with MIDI editing by a MIDI editor.


The piano roll provides a seamless and efficient editing experience, whether you’re:


  • Changing the rhythm
  • Altering the melody
  • Tweaking the chord progression


The editing tools within MIDI Wizard 2.0 are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for you to customize any MIDI file. 


  • Drag & Drop/Export Flexibility


MIDI Wizard Drag and drop - Unison


Flexibility is a key aspect of MIDI Wizard 2.0, particularly in terms of its drag-and-drop functionality and export options.


You can effortlessly integrate generated MIDI files into your projects, enhancing your workflow and productivity.


This MIDI generator software supports exporting in both MIDI and audio formats, providing versatility in how the output is used in various audio production contexts.


This flexibility is crucial for musicians who work with a range of software and hardware, as it allows for easy transfer of MIDI data across different platforms and devices. 


  • Compatibility With Your Favorite Sounds and VSTs


Bass VSTs e1698016679760 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is designed to work seamlessly with a wide array of sounds and VSTs (Virtual Studio Technologies).


This compatibility means that musicians can use the software in conjunction with their favorite synthesizer or instrument.


And not just one instrument or synthesizer, but many.


This ensures that the MIDI data generated is not only high-quality but also versatile.


Saying it’s the best AI MIDI maker/MIDI editor ever is an understatement.


The software’s ability to connect with various VSTs enhances its utility as a comprehensive MIDI solution.


Producers can experiment with different sounds 一 testing how the MIDI files interact with various instruments and effects.


This level of compatibility fosters infinite creativity and exploration. 


Download MIDI Wizard 2.0 Now


Bonus: 3 Exclusive Offers


When you download MIDI Wizard 2.0, you’ll get three free exclusive bonuses to further help your music production journey. 


Not only that… but, for a limited time, you’ll get $200 off!


#1. Unison MIDI Manipulation Masterclass ($197 Value)


Unison MIDI Manipulation Masterclass Art Low Res - Unison


In this exclusive, in-depth masterclass, Sep (Unison co-founder and producer with 30+ million plays) will share his years of experience on unique strategies of manipulating MIDI.


Using what you’ll learn in this demo masterclass, you’ll be able to make the most of any MIDI file you generate using this AI MIDI maker.


It will all make sense on why it’s considered the best MIDI generator out there.


#2. MIDI Wizard 2.0 Advanced Implementation Training ($197 Value)


advanced implementation training v1 1080x1080 1 - Unison


Beyond what you already know about MIDI Wizard 2.0, some free secret uses would simply be too powerful to reveal to everyone.


In the MIDI Wizard 2.0 Advanced Implementation Training, Sep will be demonstrating in real time how to use MIDI Wizard 2.0 to easily make pro-sounding tracks in several genres.


He’ll show you 3 special ways you can use MIDI Wizard 2.0.


One of them can make producers a lot of money you won’t find on any website or tutorial (yes, even Google).


#3. MIDI Wizard Private Facebook Group Access ($147 Value)


Facebook Group 3D - Unison


When you download MIDI Wizard 2.0, you’ll be joining a private Facebook community of motivated and ambitious producers, sound designers, and audio engineers just like you.


In this free group, you’ll be able to ask production-related questions & share ideas and get specific feedback on compositions you’re working on.


As well as find potential collaborations, build your network, and have a supportive community that truly wants to watch you succeed.


This is something you’d usually have to pay a LOT of money for, so it’s truly priceless.


MIDI Wizard 2.0: Final Thoughts


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is not just another MIDI generator; it’s a revolutionary leap in the world of music production.


This MIDI generator stands as a testament to how technology can enhance creativity, offering an array of tools that transform the process of making music.


With MIDI Wizard 2.0, the capabilities of a MIDI generator are expanded beyond traditional boundaries.


It integrates advanced AI to push the limits of what can be achieved in music composition.


As we have explored, this MIDI generator is equipped with features that cater to both the technical and artistic aspects of music production.


From its genre-specific MIDI generation to its intuitive user interface, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is designed to streamline the creative process making it accessible to producers of all skill levels.


It’s more than just a tool; it’s a partner in the creative journey.


This MIDI generator will empower musicians to realize their vision with efficiency and ease.


Embracing MIDI Wizard 2.0 means embracing the future of music production.


Whether you’re crafting intricate compositions or laying down the basic framework for a song, this MIDI generator is equipped to handle it all.


It’s a bridge between the musical imagination and reality, ensuring that every producer can bring their musical ideas to life with precision and flair.


So, embark on your musical journey with MIDI Wizard 2.0 and experience the next level of MIDI generation.


Until next time…


Download MIDI Wizard 2.0 Now



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