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15 Best Samplers of 2024 For Epic Beat Creation (Hardware)

Samplers are essential tools in the music production world. 


They can capture sounds from various sources and manipulate them to create unique beats and compositions. 


Whether you’re layering drums, adding vocal snippets, or crafting intricate soundscapes, samplers provide the flexibility and control needed to bring your musical ideas to life. 


Plus, they help you integrate hardware and software seamlessly, enhancing your workflow and creativity. 


As a music producer, it’s super beneficial to know all about the best samplers in the game so you can choose the right tool for your needs and take your productions to the next level.


Each of the following best samplers include features/functions like:


  • Intuitive multi-touch displays ✓
  • High-quality sound engines ✓
  • Versatile connectivity options ✓
  • Built-in effects and instruments ✓
  • Advanced sequencing capabilities ✓
  • Real-time sampling and manipulation ✓
  • Portable designs with built-in batteries ✓
  • Extensive memory and storage options ✓
  • Seamless integration with DAWs ✓
  • Powerful performance features ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll know all about the best samplers available in 2024, so you can choose the right sampler for your unique workflow/setup.


This way, you’ll be able to sample like the pros, create beats with ease, and take your live performances to the next level. 


Plus, you’ll have the confidence to experiment with new sounds and techniques all day long, pushing the boundaries of your musical creativity.


So, let’s jump right in to the best samplers around…


#1. Akai MPC Live II ($1,299)


best samplers


If we’re talking about the best samplers, the Akai MPC Live II is certainly a part of the conversation.


It’s a groundbreaking hardware sampler that blends traditional MPC functionality with modern music production technology. 


The Akai MPC Live II features a 7-inch multi-touch display, perfect for:


  • Sampling
  • Sequencing
  • Editing


It also includes 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads with RGB backlighting for a more tactile and responsive feel for advanced beat-making


One of its most famous features is the built-in stereo speakers, which allow for convenient on-the-go production without the need for external monitors. 


It also supports a wide range of connectivity options (MIDI, CV/Gate, USB, and WiFi), has a rechargeable battery, and is designed for standalone operation.


Meaning, you can create complete tracks without needing a computer or power source.


NOTE: It runs on the powerful MPC 2.0 software for advanced sampling capabilities, a sick MIDI sequencers, and a variety of built-in instruments and effects.,


With its combination of portability, versatility, and advanced features, the Akai MPC Live II is, hands down, one of the best samplers for both studio use and live performance.


It’s perfect for all modern music producers who like to get crazy.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 7-inch multi-touch display
  • 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads with RGB backlighting
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Wide range of connectivity options: MIDI, CV/Gate, USB, WiFi
  • Standalone operation with MPC 2.0 software
  • Rechargeable battery for extended use
  • A versatile and powerful tool for modern music production
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#2. Roland SP-404 MKII ($499.99)


Roland SP 404 MKII e1716150945975 - Unison


The Roland SP-404 MKII is a favorite among producers for its robust sampling capabilities and compact design. 


This hardware sampler features 17 velocity-sensitive pads that are perfect for triggering samples, one-shots, and loops


Its intuitive interface makes it easy to capture samples on the fly, whether from: 



The SP-404 MKII also includes various effects, including reverb, delay, and vinyl simulation, so you can shape your sounds to perfection.


It’s super portable and lightweight (yet durable), so it’s perfect for studio and live performances.


The SP-404 MKII’s sequencer offers a user-friendly approach to beat making, with a 16-step sequencer that lets you build complex patterns quickly. 


It also includes a resampling feature, which allows you to reprocess your audio for unique sound design possibilities. 


Also, the SP-404 MKII’s memory has been expanded, so you’ll have more than enough space for all your samples and projects. 


Whether you’re capturing samples in the studio or performing live, the Roland SP-404 MKII offers everything you need for creative expression.


Pro Tip: The SP-404 MKII includes a DJ mode (beat match all day) for smooth mixing and matching of samples, like a turntable. 


It includes functions like tempo adjustment and is one of the best samplers according to top DJs. So, if you love to beat match like a boss, this ones for you.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 17 velocity-sensitive pads perfect for triggering samples, one-shots, loops
  • Built-in mic and line inputs
  • Versatile effects including reverb and delay
  • 16-step sequencer
  • Resampling feature
  • Expanded memory
  • Intuitive interface; capture samples from line-inputs, built-in mic, imported WAV files
  • One of the best hardware samplers available


#3. Akai MPC One+ ($699)


Akai MPC One - Unison


The Akai MPC One+ brings the power of the MPC series into a compact package, with a 7-inch multi-touch display and four Q-Link encoders.


So, a hands-on approach to music production is the name of the game.


The MPC One+ supports a wide range of audio formats and offers extensive connectivity options (including MIDI and USB). 


Its eight CV/Gate outputs make it a versatile choice for controlling external gear, such as modular synths or a drum machine. 


The built-in instruments and effects allow you to create professional-quality tracks without needing additional software.


One of the standout features of the MPC One+ is its integration with the MPC 2.0 software, which provides a full DAW experience in a standalone unit. 


This allows you to sequence, sample, and mix your tracks directly on the device and supports real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting.


The MPC One+ also includes a range of high-quality sounds and samples 一 making it easy to get started on your tracks right out of the box. 


NOTE: The integration with Splice and other sample libraries provides access to a vast collection of sounds, so you’ll always have fresh material to work with.


Its compact design and portability make it a great choice for producers on the go. 


With its powerful new features and user-friendly interface, the Akai MPC One+ is one of those best samplers that is a perfect addition to any music production setup.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 7-inch multi-touch display
  • Four Q-Link encoders
  • Eight CV/Gate outputs for controlling outside gear (e.g., drum machine, synths, etc.)
  • Integration with MPC 2.0 software
  • Built-in instruments and effects with great sound quality
  • Compact and portable design unlike some other best samplers
  • One of the best hardware samplers available


#4. Native Instruments Maschine+


Native Instruments Maschine e1716151017746 - Unison


The Native Instruments Maschine+ is a standalone drum machine and sampler with a large, full-color display and 16 velocity-sensitive pads.


It’s perfect for beat-making of all kind and performance. 


The Maschine+ comes with an impressive library (over 8 GB) of epic sounds and instruments, including: 


  • 18 synths
  • 37 effects
  • 8 expansions


Its built-in sequencer allows for complex pattern creation and real-time performance capabilities 一 making it one of the best samplers for live gigs and studio sessions.


Native Instruments Maschine+ also supports integration with other Native Instruments hardware and software, so you know you’re getting top quality.


Its intuitive interface and responsive pads make it easy to capture samples, create loops, and build entire tracks in no time.


With its extensive feature set and high-quality sound engine, the Native Instruments Maschine+ stands out as one of the best hardware samplers available in 2024.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Large full-color display
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads
  • Comprehensive library of sounds and instruments
  • Standalone operation
  • Built-in sequencer
  • Integration with Native Instruments ecosystem
  • One of the best samplers available


#5. Korg Volca Sample 2 ($169.99)


Korg Volca Sample 2 - Unison


The Korg Volca Sample 2 is a compact and highly portable hardware sampler, designed to inspire creativity in music production (at a super affordable price). 


It features 100 sample slots and a built-in sequencer that offers 16 steps for creating complex rhythms and patterns, which can be easily edited in real-time. 


One of the standout features is its ability to import samples via micro USB 一 providing a flawless way to integrate your own samples/sounds into your projects. 


With its intricate knobs and buttons, it’s interface makes it easy to tweak and modify samples for a more hands-on and interactive experience.


And, if you’re like me, this is super important when I’m looking for the best samplers.


It’s also packed with powerful effects plus a unique grain effect, which can add extra depth and texture to your samples.


The Volca Sample 2 also features motion sequencing, which allows you to record parameter changes and really bring your sequences to life. 


Despite its small size, it delivers high-quality sound and solid performance, so don’t underestimate its power.


With its built-in battery operation and built-in speaker, the Volca Sample 2 is ideal for on-the-go music-making; versatility and flexibility galore.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Very affordable price unlike some other best samplers
  • 100 sample slots for innovative music-making
  • 16-step sequencer with real-time editing
  • Import samples via micro USB
  • Built-in effects: reverb, delay, grain
  • Motion sequencing
  • Battery operation and built-in speaker
  • A versatile and portable sampler
  • Great for on-the-go music-making
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#6. Polyend Tracker ($359)


Polyend Tracker - Unison


The Polyend Tracker is a unique hardware sampler that combines traditional tracking with modern features for a more creative music production process.


It features a large, high-resolution screen that provides a clear and detailed visual representation of your patterns and samples. 


Plus, supports eight stereo audio tracks and includes a built-in FM radio and line input which gives you additional sources for capturing samples.


It can record up to two minutes of 16-bit/44.1kHz samples, which you can edit and arrange within the device.


The Tracker is also equipped with effects and modulation options, so you can sculpt and shape your sounds with precision and professionalism.


The Tracker’s step sequencer is solid and one that sound designers love, and its meant to be on the move, so you can create anywhere.


The Polyend Tracker stands out as one of the best samplers for quick and easy sampling and sequencing (for newbies and pros alike).


NOTE: The Tracker’s interface organizes patterns vertically, and each step can contain multiple types of data 一 including note, instrument, FX 1, and FX 2. 


This layout may take some getting used to, but the control is unmatched.


Side note, Polyend did drop the Polyend Tracker+, but as of right now, the original has gotten more positive feedback from our readers.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • High-resolution screen
  • Stereo audio tracks
  • Built-in FM radio and line input
  • Extensive effects and modulation options
  • Direct sampling capability; great sound quality
  • Rugged and portable design
  • An innovative and versatile sampler
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#7. 1010music Blackbox ($649)


1010music - Unison


The 1010music Blackbox is a compact yet powerful hardware sampler that features a full-color touchscreen interface, making navigation and sample-editing a breeze. 


It allows you to record, edit, and sequence samples with ease, including up to 16 sample pads that can be triggered individually. 


The Blackbox’s Its ability to sync loops and samples with different tempos using built-in BPM synchronization is super useful for creating cohesive tracks. 


It small footprint makes it an excellent choice for producers who need a portable solution without sacrificing any features or functions.


One of the key features is its support for micro SD cards, which provides all the storage you’ll need for your recorded samples and projects. 


The device also includes a variety of built-in effects (reverb, delay, filter, and bitcrusher), which can enhance your sounds even more, of course.


Its intuitive design, MIDI connectivity, and powerful features make the 1010music Blackbox a great choice for any producer looking for the best samplers.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Full-color touch screen interface
  • 16 sample pads
  • Built-in BPM synchronization
  • Support for microSD cards
  • Built-in effects: reverb and delay
  • MIDI connectivity for your MIDI controller
  • A compact and efficient sampler
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#8. Akai MPC X ($2,200)


Akai MPC X - Unison


The Akai MPC X is a flagship hardware sampler (and one of my personal favs) that brings together the best of Akai’s legendary MPC series with modern production tools. 


It features a 10.1-inch multi-touch display, and offers:


  • 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • Eight Q-Link knobs
  • I/O options including MIDI, CV/Gate, and USB


This allows for extensive connectivity with other hardware and software, which makes it a central hub for any studio setup. 


The MPC X’s standalone functionality means you can create entire tracks without needing a computer for unparalleled flexibility.


This unique sampler has a powerful sound engine and includes a vast library of built-in sounds and mono samples for all genres and styles (hip-hop, trap, R&B, EDM, etc.).


The MPC X also features advanced sampling capabilities, including real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting 一 allowing for detailed sound manipulation. 


Plus, it can withstand the demands of long-term use thanks to its solid build.


With its combination of advanced features, intuitive design, and legendary MPC workflow, the Akai MPC X is one of the best samplers for serious music producers.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 10.1-inch multi-touch screen display
  • 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • Extensive I/O options: MIDI, CV/Gate, USB
  • Standalone functionality
  • Advanced sampling capabilities for innovative music-making
  • Robust build quality
  • A flagship sampler for serious producers
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#9. Elektron Digitakt ($799)


Elektron Digitakt - Unison


The Elektron Digitakt is a powerhouse drum machine and sampler, known for its versatility and solid build quality.


It features eight tracks for sample playback, eight MIDI tracks, and a powerful sequencer for intricate pattern creation.


You’ll have the ability to chain patterns into full songs. 


Its high-quality digital sound engine ensures that your samples retain their clarity and punch, while the built-in effects (delay, reverb, etc.) can add depth to your tracks. 


The compact design of the Digitakt makes it an excellent choice for both studio use and on-the-go production.


One standout feature of the Digitakt is its ability to sample directly through its high-quality line inputs 一 making it easy to capture and manipulate sounds. 


Plus, its intuitive interface, complete with a bright OLED display, allows for easy navigation and editing. 


The Digitakt also supports real-time sample manipulation, so you can tweak and transform your audio wherever inspiration strikes.


Its solid construction and reliability make it a favorite among producers who need a dependable sampler for live gigs and studio sessions. 


With its extensive feature set and user-friendly design, the Elektron Digitakt is a must-have tool for any serious music producer looking for the best samplers.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Eight tracks and eight MIDI tracks
  • Powerful sequencer with pattern chaining
  • High-quality digital sound engine
  • Built-in effects including delay and reverb
  • Direct sampling through line inputs
  • Bright OLED display
  • One of the best samplers available


#10. Elektron Model:Samples ($299)


Elektron Model Samples - Unison


The Elektron Model:Samples is an affordable and powerful drum machine/hardware sampler designed to streamline the beat-making process.


 It features 6 sample tracks, each with its own dedicated knob for easy parameter control (one-knob-per-function design). 


Its lightweight and compact form make it perfect for on-the-go music production, while the powerful sequencer allows for intricate pattern creation and real sample-time performance tweaks. 


This sampler also supports live sampling, so you can easily capture and manipulate sounds in real-time.


In addition to its sampling capabilities, the Model:Samples includes a variety of built-in effects which can be applied to each track independently. 


Whether you’re creating beats for hip-hop, EDM, trap or any other popular genre, its high-quality sound engine ensures that your samples are always: 


  • Clean
  • Clear
  • Punchy


Which is, of course, what all the best samplers would include.


The Model:Samples’ USB and MIDI connectivity allow it to integrate seamlessly with other gear 一 expanding its versatility in the studio or on stage.


 With its user-friendly design and powerful features, the Elektron Model:Samples offers a simple yet highly effective way to dive into innovative sampling techniques.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Very affordable price
  • Six sample tracks with dedicated knobs
  • One-knob-per-function design
  • Lightweight and compact form factor
  • Powerful sequencer
  • Built-in effects: delay and reverb
  • USB and MIDI connectivity
  • A user-friendly and powerful sampler
  • One of the best modern hardware samplers in the game


#11. Korg Electribe Sampler ($399)


Korg Electribe Sampler - Unison


The Korg Electribe Sampler is a versatile hardware sampler that offers extensive sampling capabilities and a user-friendly interface. 


It features 16 sample pads and is equipped with a 64-step sequencer, which provides a flexible platform for creating complex rhythms and melodies


It supports real-time recording and editing and includes a variety of built-in effects, like:


  • Filters
  • Modulation
  • Reverb


They can be applied to each sample independently.


One of the standout features of the Electribe Sampler is its integration with Ableton Live for seamless workflow and project sharing between the hardware and your DAW. 


The sampler supports SD card storage, so it’s super easy to expand its sample library and manage projects


With its intuitive layout and powerful features, the Korg Electribe Sampler is an excellent choice for producers looking for a comprehensive and portable sampler.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 16 performance pads
  • 64-step sequencer with real-time recording and editing
  • Built-in effects: filters, modulation, reverb
  • Integration with Ableton Live
  • SD card storage
  • Compact and rugged design
  • A versatile and portable sampling solution
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#12. Roland Verselab MV-1 ($499-$520)


Roland Verselab MV 1 - Unison


The Roland Verselab MV-1 is an all-in-one production studio that combines sampling, sequencing, and synthesis in a compact/portable unit. 


It features: 


  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads
  • A step sequencer
  • Abuilt-in mic for recording vocals and instruments


The MV-1 is powered by Roland’s ZEN-Core sound engine, which provides show-stopping sounds and effects for any style.


This hardware sampler includes multiple tracks for drums, instruments, and vocals, allowing you to create complete songs from start to finish.


The Verselab MV-1 is designed to streamline the music production process, offering intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, plus supports SD card storage.


The device also includes some unique mastering tools, helping you to polish your full tracks and prepare them for release. 


This includes different mastering effects (EQ, compression, multiband compression), a limiter, different mastering presets, and stereo imaging.


Plus, its compact design and built-in battery operation make it ideal for mobile music production. 


The Roland Verselab MV-1 is perfect for producers who want an all-in-one solution that covers everything from beat-making to vocal recording and mastering.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads
  • Step sequencer and built-in mic
  • ZEN-Core sound engine with a vast library of sounds
  • Multiple tracks for drums, instruments, and vocals
  • SD card storage
  • Mastering tools
  • An all-in-one production studio
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#13. Akai Professional Force ($1,200)


Akai Professional Force - Unison


The Akai Professional Force redefines standalone music production with its comprehensive features and intuitive interface. 


It features a 7-inch multi-touch display and an 8×8 pad matrix 一 providing the ideal platform for sampling, sequencing, and performance. 


The Force integrates with Ableton Live, offering a hybrid workflow that combines hardware and software for even more possibilities.


Like all the other best samplers, It also includes a wide range of built-in instruments and effects to create professional-quality tracks without needing additional gear.


One of the other features that really impresses me is its ability to sample directly from external sources, making it easy to capture and manipulate audio wherever


The device’s advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting capabilities ensure that your own samples fit perfectly into your projects. 


The Force’s robust build quality and extensive connectivity options, including MIDI, USB, and CV/Gate, make it a great choice for studio and live use. 


Its powerful new features and intuitive design make the Akai Professional Force a top choice for music producers looking for a solid standalone solution.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 7-inch multi-touch display
  • 8×8 pad matrix
  • Integration with Ableton Live
  • Might take a slight learning curve, but not too bad.
  • Built-in instruments and effects
  • Extensive connectivity options (for drum machine, synths, etc.)
  • Direct sampling from external sources
  • Advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting
  • A versatile and powerful standalone sampler


#14. Polyend Play+ ($799)


Polyend Play - Unison


The Polyend Play+ takes the original Play groovebox to the next level with enhanced features and improved performance. 


Play+ features 16 tracks of sample playback and sequencing, a high-resolution display, and a grid of 160 backlit pads.


It provides a clear and interactive interface for controlling your samples. 


The powerful sound engine included supports stereo playback and multitimbral synthesis 一 allowing you to create layered, full tracks.

One of the key features of the Play+ is its extensive modulation and automation options, which can help you add movement and complexity to your samples. 


It also supports USB audio and MIDI and comes with a comprehensive library of: 



Basically, everything you’ll need to start creating music right out the box. 


Its rugged build and portable design make it a reliable choice for studio work, home music-making, live performances, and everything in between.


The Polyend Play+ offers a unique and powerful approach to hardware sampling, making it one of the best samplers for modern music producers.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • 16 tracks of sample playback and sequencing
  • High-resolution display and 160 backlit pads
  • Stereo playback and multitimbral synthesis
  • Extensive modulation and automation options
  • USB audio and MIDI support
  • Comprehensive library of samples, patterns, and presets
  • A unique and powerful sampler for modern producers
  • One of the best samplers in the game


#15. Bonus: Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop ($375)


Critter and Guitaro - Unison


The Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop is one of the most unique options on our list… It’s a compact yet powerful looper designed for producers looking for awesome creative exploration.


It’s equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, making it an all-in-one solution for capturing and playing back sounds. 


The Kaleidoloop offers six different playback modes, allowing you to (in real-time) play around with:



Its intuitive interface features large, colorful buttons and knobs that make it easy to manipulate audio even during live performances. 


Kaleidoloop also supports recording and playback from an 8GB microSD card, and its hands-on design is all about creativity and experimentation (which is great)


It’s perfect if you’re into sound design and want to explore new samples, sounds, and sonic possibilities. 


Its rugged and portable build makes it ideal for outdoor recording sessions or impromptu performances; dealer’s choice.


Its unique approach to sampling and real-time audio manipulation sets the Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop apart from more traditional samplers.


So, if you’re looking to change things up, this sampler offers a fresh and exciting music-making experience.


NOTE: If you were wondering all about the best software samplers available, we’ve got you covered with out top software sampler picks.


Key Features of This Hardware Sampler:


  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Six playback modes: looping, pitch shifting, reversing
  • Large, colorful buttons and knobs
  • 8GB microSD card storage
  • Rugged and portable design
  • Encourages creativity and experimentation
  • A unique and engaging sampler
  • One of the best modern hardware samplers in the game


Best Samplers: Final Thoughts


The best samplers are powerful tools that can bring your tracks from basic to legendary, promoting creativity like no other.


They come equipped with high-quality sound engines, versatile connectivity options, intuitive interfaces, and advanced features for massive control over your samples. 


These samplers help you produce, perform, and create like a professional 一 ensuring that your music sounds polished and dynamic. 


All the best samplers we covered today include these features and more, so it’s just about picking the one that matches your unique workflow.


To enhance your production experience even further, check out the famous Mainstage Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack) that people are going crazy over.


It includes 647 mind-blowing free samples, loops, and MIDIs (can you say value!).


All the included samples are polished and designed by the world’s top producers and sound designers, so you’re getting both quantity and quality. 


It’s a perfect complement to any of the best samplers we discussed today, providing you with top-notch sounds to jumpstart your creativity and break out of beat-block.


So, go find the right sampler for you and start making music that leaves a lasting impression; the world needs it.


Until next time…




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