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The 12 Best Free Guitar VST Plugins of 2024 (Super Realistic)

Guitars are more than just an instrument; they’re an icon of musical expression across multiple genres, from rock and country to pop and hip-hop. 


As a music producer, incorporating guitar sounds into your tracks can add a layer of authenticity, richness, and emotional resonance that few other instruments can offer. 


However, getting that perfect guitar sound can often be a challenging and expensive task, especially if you don’t play the guitar yourself. 


But worry not 一 we’re breaking down the 12 best free guitar VST plugins that can help you create epic compositions.


Plus, get super realistic guitar sounds at zero cost.


For each free guitar VST plugin included on our list, we’ll be discussing:


  • Realism and authenticity ✓
  • Versatility & flexibility ✓ 
  • User interface ✓
  • Customization ✓
  • Unique and creative effects ✓
  • Any other important details ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped to include epic guitar sounds that can help skyrocket your track’s appeal.


And the best part is, you won’t have to spend one single dime.


So, let’s dive in…


The 12 Best Free Guitar VST Plugins of 2023


Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the intricate world of the 12 best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


Our choices are based on authenticity, flexibility, abilities, effects, etc. for all different types of music production.


#1. Ample Guitar M Lite II


Ample On Computer - Unison


Ample Guitar M Lite II promises to bring the iconic Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar sound right into your digital workspace.


You heard that right; this free plugin gives you access to the authentic acoustic guitar tones you often hear on professionally produced tracks. 


What sets this free VST apart is the attention to detail. 


Ample Guitar M Lite II features Rich Fingering Noise to make your guitar tracks more vivid and realistic. 


When you’re making a complex acoustic beat, every nuance counts, and this free guitar VST plugin offers various articulations like: 


  • Sustain
  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Palm muting


Ample Guitar Strummer - Unison


These will help make sure you don’t lose those subtle textures


You also have five different articulations at your disposal for increased versatility. 


Not just that, but it also has an innovative feature called “Each Cycle & Rhombic Sampling structure.”


This feature separates sample cycles for different notes and velocity layers to maximize sample utilization.


From a technological standpoint, Ample Guitar M Lite II is like having a guitar genius with an ‘ample sound’ inside your computer. 


It comes with Capo Logic, allowing for intelligent play according to guitar rules.


Ample Riffer - Unison


Moreover, you have CPC (Customized Parameters Control) 一 enabling any controller to be controlled by MIDI CC or Automation. 


Ample Guitar M Lite II even features Double Guitar.


This features uses different samples for left and right channels to give your track a more expansive sound. 


The Poly Legato and Slide Smoother add a layer of finesse to your performance. 


This free guitar VST plugin also allows alternate tuning without needing to modify your MIDI files, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for your productions.




Ample Tab Player - Unison


Ample Guitar M Lite II has a built-in Tab Reader for those who enjoy tablature. 


This tool can not only load various tab file formats but also allows you to export them as audio files, which adds a whole new layer of functionality for:



The Tab Reader also supports all the guitar techniques you’d expect, from hammer-ons and pull-offs to more advanced methods like tapping and palm muting.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Ample 1 - Unison


  • Direct From Disk (DFD) technology for efficient memory utilization.
  • Rich Fingering Noise & five articulations.
  • Capo Logic & CPC for intelligent play.
  • Built-in Tab Reader.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


#2. MonsterDAW Monster Guitar


free guitar VST


MonsterDAW Monster Guitar is a  free VST plugin that offers a comprehensive solution for producers wanting to create guitar-based mock-ups. 


Created by Agus Hardiman, Monster Guitar is built with a mission: to solidify abstract ideas for those who may not have immediate access to a real guitarist. 


With a footprint geared towards those producing rock, grunge, and even metal genres, Monster Guitar aims to deliver a tactile experience close to the real thing.


This guitar plugin comes with 14 presets.


They allow you to choose from lead, chord, and notes modes. 


  • The Chord Mode 一 Enables you to trigger full chords from your MIDI keyboard.
  • The Leads and Notes Modes 一 Focus on individual guitar notes and melodies


Monster 4 - Unison


You can even add layers of distortion and other audio effects to simulate a true distorted guitar solo. 


So whether you want to create driving rhythms or intricate solos, Monster Guitar has you covered.


Unlike other free guitar VST plugin, it’s especially useful for playing around with different guitar sounds before committing to a real recording session. 


When using the chord mode, you can pick between long, normal, and short patterns, allowing you to tailor the sound according to the genre you are working on. 


NOTE: This is particularly useful for genres like rock and punk, which often leverage the power of percussive, driving chords.


But what makes Monster Guitar truly convenient is its global control panel, which includes: 


Monster 2 - Unison


  • Master volume
  • ADSR controls
  • Built-in reverb and delay effects


If you’re familiar with ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), you’ll appreciate the control you get over the envelope of each note.


Overall, it’s an amazing free guitar VST plugin with dynamic capabilities.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Monster Key Chord - Unison


  • 14 presets split into three modes: lead, chord, and notes.
  • Allows for long, normal, and short chord patterns.
  • Built-in global control panel featuring ADSR controls and effects like delay and reverb.
  • Offers a comprehensive solution for those who can’t access a real guitarist.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


#3. Solaris GTR Lite


Solaris - Unison


Solaris GTR Lite offers an array of electric guitar tones perfect for genres as varied as Lo-Fi, Ambient, Hip Hop, and EDM


With its basis on famous electric guitars processed through premium effects guitar pedals and virtual instrument plugins, Solaris GTR Lite seeks to provide dynamic and beautiful tones.


This free plugin delivers on this promise with six multi-sampled presets 一 giving you a variety of tones to choose from.


One of the most striking features of this plugin is its meticulous sampling.


All guitar samples are recorded at a whopping 192 kHz and 32 bits, and are edited individually for unparalleled quality. 


Whether you’re creating lush ambient landscapes or pulsating trap beats, the high-quality samples lay an excellent foundation.


Solaris GTR Lite is impressively user-friendly compared to many free guitar plugins.


The interface includes controls for: 


  • ADSR envelope
  • Filter cutoff
  • LFO modulation


Solaris 3 - Unison


On the flip side, the built-in effects like reverb, chorus, delay, and distortion let you add depth and texture to your tracks.


This can be a game-changer for genres like Trap, Hip-Hop, and Pop music.


These features are perfect for those who push their guitar sounds into experimental territory. 


Whether you’re looking to create a chill, spacey vibe with reverb and delay, or add a gritty edge to your tracks with distortion, these built-in effects can help.


If you love electric guitars, this free plugin is perfect for you.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Solaris 2 - Unison


  • Based on a premium electric guitars.
  • Samples (virtual guitars) recorded at 192 kHz – 32 bits and meticulously edited for maximum quality.
  • Simple controls for ADSR envelope, LFO modulation & filter cutoff.
  • Built-in effects that guitar players love (and sounds natural).
  • One of the best free plugins of 2023, especially for electric guitars.


#4. Zak Sound Sapphire Guitar (Essential)


Sapphire 1 - Unison


Zak Sound Sapphire Guitar (Essential) is a unique offering in the realm of free guitar VST plugins. 


Unlike traditional free guitar VST plugins, which primarily aim to emulate the nuances of physical guitars, Sapphire Guitar takes a more experimental route. 


It blends the essence of various guitars (ranging from acoustic and electric to folk and classical) with rich, ambient textures. 


What results is a fascinating palette of sounds that can inject a sense of ambience and atmosphere into your tracks.


A noteworthy feature is the ability to select from 18 different stringed instruments.


Sapphire 4 - Unison


Each are based on actual recordings of guitars played with various techniques, such as: 


  • Palm-muted
  • Open strings
  • Harmonics


This provides a level of dynamic range that can be a treasure trove for depth and authenticity in your guitar sounds.


However, this free guitar VST plugin truly stands out in its texture-modifying features.


It houses five knobs solely dedicated to ambient texturing. 


These aren’t mere afterthoughts 一 they are crucial to the plugin’s unique sound character


Whether you want to add subtle grit or transform your guitar sound into a lo-fi landscape, these texture knobs offer endless possibilities. 


Sapphire 2 - Unison


Another important aspect is the built-in LFO controls.


They let you modulate various aspects of the sound, like pitch, volume, or even the filter cutoff.


This leads to even more complex and evolving textures.


To help you further shape your sound, Sapphire Guitar includes a range of additional features like: 



These parameters are essential for tailoring your guitar sounds to fit seamlessly into any and every mix.


Whether it’s a laid-back ambient piece or a pulsating electronic track, Sapphire’s got you covered.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Sapphire 3 - Unison


  • 18 different stringed instruments based on real guitar recordings.
  • Unique ambient texture controls.
  • Built-in LFO with speed, waveform, and depth controls.
  • Additional tonal controls like LPF, HPF, and ADSR.
  • Built-in effects.
  • Delay settings and master settings.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


#5. Haunted Guitar Lite by Electronik Sound Lab


Haunted Guitar - Unison


If you’re looking to add an element of the ethereal or downright eerie to your compositions, Haunted Guitar Lite by Electronik Sound Lab is a free VST plugin you won’t want to miss. 


Based on a multi-sampled Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar, this free VST plugin takes the familiar and catapults it into the realm of the extraordinary. 


Each on of its 8 presets come packed with 28 samples processed through a diverse range of high-quality effects. 


The interface is incredibly user-friendly, like NI’s Guitar Rig, and features a straightforward array of knobs and settings.


Haunted Guitar ADSR LFO CUTOFF and GAIN - Unison


This includes very beneficial and worth-while factors such as: 


  • ADSR amplitude envelope controls
  • LFO modulation
  • Filters like high-pass & low-pass with cutoff


What separates Haunted Guitar Lite from other free guitar VSTs are its built-in effect modules (built-in reverb, distortion, and delay effects).


The delay, for instance, provides the kind of detailed controls you would expect from a standalone delay plugin


You can easily tweak time, feedback, and wet/dry mix 一 offering a wealth of ambient possibilities.


Haunted Guitar Time Feedback Mix Delay Delay Sync - Unison


Its versatility doesn’t end at its horror-infused timbres.


It can be a valuable tool for adding a different flavor to various genres and subgenres.


Haunted Guitar Lite is perfect for providing a haunting lead line in a rock song or adding texture to an electric guitar track.


It has a unique sonic identity that can make your music stand out while promoting your tracks.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Haunted Guitar Noise Reverb Voice Mode Filter Type - Unison


  • 8 presets, each containing 28 multi-sampled guitar sounds.
  • Based on a multi-sampled Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Real Electric Guitar.
  • User-friendly interface with ADSR, LFO, and HP/LP filters.
  • Built-in vintage reverb, distortion, and delay effects.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


#6. Spitfire Audio LABS Peel Guitar


Peel Guitar 2A - Unison


As a brainchild of Spitfire Audio and sampled by Christian Henson, Spitfire Audio LABS Peel Guitar is a free yet premium-quality plugin that brings the authentic tones of British indie music to your DAW


Created using a Fender Telecaster through a 15w vintage tweed amp, Peel Guitar provides a sound instantly recognizable and filled with character. 


A hint of vibrato, tremolo, and distortion imbues it with just enough color to make it versatile while retaining its classic feel.


The simplicity of Peel Guitar is one of its biggest assets. 


With minimalistic controls, you can focus on the sound and how it fits into your composition. 


But don’t let the simplicity deceive you…


The underlying guitar samples in Peel Guitar are incredibly rich and have been featured in various scores.


Peel Guitar 3 - Unison


What truly sets this amazing free guitar plugin apart is its sonic fidelity. 


Whether playing polyphonic lows to achieve crunchy textures or using it as an atmospheric pad, the guitar sounds you can conjure are awe-inspiring. 




It shines in orchestrations but is versatile enough to fit into just about any genre. 


Peel Guitar is a go-to when it comes to achieving a certain kind of clear-toned, indie charm.


Although it may not have a labyrinth of knobs and settings, the quality of the sound itself is more than enough reason to add it to your arsenal. 


Sometimes, less is more 一 Peel Guitar demonstrates this by delivering inspiring sounds with minimal hassle.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Peel Guitar - Unison


  • Sampled using a Fender Telecaster and 15w vintage tweed amp.
  • Simple yet effective controls for easy usability.
  • Offers a distinct sound synonymous with British indie music.
  • Versatile for use across multiple genres.
  • Excellent for both lead lines and atmospheric pads.
  • High-quality sounds for a free version.
  • One of the best free guitar plugins of 2023.


#7. Echo Sound Works Vinyl Guitar


Vinyl Guitar - Unison


Get ready to immerse yourself in an aural experience that evokes the warmth and nostalgia of vinyl records with Echo Sound Works’ Vinyl Guitar


This innovative free guitar VST plugin doesn’t just simulate guitar sounds.


It goes a step further by sampling a guitar through an actual vinyl record player. 


The result?… A character-rich, lo-fi texture that breathes authenticity into genres like lo-fi, trap, and pop.


Vinyl Guitar comes with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that is incredibly easy to navigate, freeing you to focus on the creative process. 


Vinyl Guitar Fret Noise String Buzz Pick Noise - Unison


Among the parameters available for tweaking are: 


  • Fret Noise 一 Allows you to control the gritty noises you hear during note and chord changes.
  • String Buzz 一 Adds random buzz to your strings (like what you’d hear with a live recording).
  • Pick Noise 一 Lets you control the playing style.
  • Reverb 一 Gives you extensive control over the spatial characteristics of your sound.


What sets this free plugin apart is its focus on authenticity, right down to the “Attack/Release/Dynamics” section. 


It lets you adapt the virtual instrument to mimic the dynamics and nuances of your playing style or the MIDI you use. 


The tonal subtleties and textural richness make this free VST plugin a perfect candidate for producers looking for a unique edge to their tracks.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Vinyl Guitar Reverb Attack Release Dynamics - Unison


  • Unique vinyl-record sampled guitar sounds.
  • User-friendly GUI with parameters for fret noise, string buzz, pick noise, and reverb.
  • Customizable Attack/Release/Dynamics for mimicking real playing styles.
  • One of the best free guitar plugins of 2023.


#8. Shreddage 3 Stratus Free by Impact Soundworks


Stratus 2 - Unison


Shreddage 3 Stratus Free by Impact Soundworks is a free guitar VST plugin that packs a ton of premium features. 


Developed specifically for KONTAKT PLAYER, it offers: 


  • Deep-sampled sustain
  • Palm mute
  • Choke articulations over three octaves of playing range 


But that’s just scratching the surface… 


With up to 24 samples per note and an array of performance options, this free plugin is designed to be the ultimate electric guitar sample library over all other guitar sample libraries.


If you’d like to learn all about sample libraries, we’ve got you covered.


Each electric guitar string is sampled up to the 12th fret with different strokes and dynamic layers,  providing unprecedented realism. 


Stratus Fretting Mode and Picking Mode - Unison


The Poly input feature bolstered this, which allows for more realistic chord voicings


For electric guitar tone purists, the plugin offers pristine 24-bit recordings DI (Direct Input) through the neck pickup.


This gives you the freedom to shape your tone.


Shredded 3 Stratus also comes with dozens of production-ready tone electric guitar snapshots.


Stratus Performance Style - Unison


They range from hi-gain amped options to more ambient, clean settings. 


Whether you’re crafting a blistering solo or laying down some clean, rhythmical chords, it’s got you covered. 


Its compatibility with higher memory systems means you can load multiple instances or additional instruments without lag or glitches.


The user interface is as wide and beautiful as its sonic capabilities, ensuring a smooth workflow. 


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Strumming Advanced e1694898970686 - Unison


  • Deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, and choke articulations with extensive playing range.
  • TACT 2.0 technology for advanced articulation control.
  • CONSOLE modular FX rack for extensive sound shaping.
  • Pristine 24-bit recordings with DI through the neck pickup.
  • Compatible with KONTAKT PLAYER & higher memory systems for optimal performance.
  • One of the best guitar plugins of 2023.


#9. Audiolatry PlastikGuitar


PlastikGuitar - Unison


For those looking to unleash their creative prowess across genres like EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, or House, Audiolatry’s PlastikGuitar is a free VST/AU plugin that should not be overlooked. 


The instrument is based on samples captured by Quartertone from a Yamaha Eterna classical acoustic guitar using a CAD E100 microphone. 


This lends the instrument a high-quality, realistic sonic foundation.


PlastikGuitar comes with two presets: 


  1. Finger-Plucked 一 Consists of finger-plucked note performances.
  2. Harmonics 一 Includes string harmonics played at various frets.


With five velocity layers per sampled note, you have ample control to inject dynamics into your unique music. 


Plastik Guitar 3 - Unison


The plugin’s GUI features controls for tremolo, attack and release envelopes, and lowpass and highpass filters. 


PlastikGuitar’s tremolo section, for instance, allows you to create pulsating rhythms or add a vintage wobble to your melodies.


This further extending the plugin’s creative possibilities.


PlastikGuitar Tremolo Envelope Reverb Filter - Unison


One of the standout features is its ‘Harmonics’ preset. 


With this, you can create psychedelic melodies or lush pads that can be especially useful in genres like Ambient or IDM. 


The GUI also features a room reverb control 一 allowing you to place the guitar in different virtual spaces for an added dimension. 




This free guitar plugin is also natively compatible with M1 chips. Thanks to its raw form, PlastikGuitar offers ample room for creativity. 


Whether you want to create catchy rhythms or ethereal melodies, this free plugin is a versatile addition to your production toolkit.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


3 17 - Unison


  • Based on high-quality samples from acoustic guitar sounds.
  • Two distinct presets, each with 5 velocity layers.
  • Intuitive GUI for a free version.
  • One of the best free guitar VSTs of 2023


#10. Steinberg Guitar Harmonics Essential


Guitar Harmonics - Unison


When it comes to free VST guitar plugins specializing in harmonics, Steinberg’s Guitar Harmonics Essential is a solid entry that shouldn’t be overlooked. 


What sets this instrument apart is its focus on “flageolet notes” or harmonics.


The plucked-string phenomena that produce those ethereal, bell-like tones that can add a magical touch to your mix.


Guitar Harmonics Essential isn’t just about delivering pure harmonic tones.


It comes with a control suite for significant tonal customization. 


A “note length control” lets you manipulate the decay of the note, which is a crucial feature for achieving the desired ambient or percussive effect. 


Guitar Harmonics 2 - Unison


This free guitar VST plugin also offers: 


  • Tone control
  • Cabinet and rotary settings
  • Reverb and delay control


What’s remarkable about Guitar Harmonics is the versatility it offers despite its specialized nature. 


You can conjure organic reverse guitars for your experimental tracks, fragile string notes for your acoustic compositions, and even warm e-piano tones for your soulful or R&B pieces


The simplicity of the interface doesn’t sacrifice the depth of customization.




Guitar Harmonics 3 - Unison


To get the best out of Guitar Harmonics, try playing around with the rotary and cabinet settings for different styles of music. 


For instance, a slower rotary speed and a warm cabinet setting can produce lush harmonic tones suitable for ambient music. 


Alternatively, maxing out the reverb and delay controls will help you create spacey, ethereal soundscapes perfect for genres like post-rock or shoegaze.


Whether you play guitar or produce epic music with guitar sounds, Guitar Harmonics offers some of the best virtual guitars around.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


GH - Unison


  • Specializes in flageolet notes or harmonics
  • Wide array of sound-shaping tools, including note length control (decay), tone control & cabinet/rotary settings.
  • Features reverb and delay controls.
  • Versatility in sound production.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins/free version of 2023.


#11. DSK Dynamic Guitars


DSK - Unison


When it comes to free VST guitar plugins that offer many options without compromising sound quality, DSK Dynamic Guitars certainly deserves a spot on your radar. 


This free guitar plugin is essentially three instruments bundled into one. 


You can toggle between: 


  • A steel guitar
  • A nylon guitar
  • An acoustic guitar


Each with distinct tonal qualities that can take your compositions in a multitude of directions.


DSK n - Unison


It brilliantly mimics the nuances of a real guitar, where the velocity of the keys pressed triggers different samples.


This feature adds an extra layer of realism to your tracks.


Meaning, pressing a key gently will produce a smooth guitar sound while hitting the key hard produces a more robust sound with vibrant vibrato. 


The ‘Range’ knob allows you to customize this dynamic velocity response 一 making the instrument incredibly responsive to your playing style.


The user interface might look simplistic, but don’t let that deceive you. 


DSK2 e1694901610817 - Unison


It comes packed with: 


  • ADSR envelope controls for shaping your sound
  • A voice mode selector for added flexibility
  • A built-in reverb effect


This makes it an ideal choice for a low-CPU, high-quality option for musicians. 


Whether aiming for in-your-face riffs with the steel guitar or more laid-back tones from the acoustic and nylon presets, DSK Dynamic Guitars has got you covered.




DSK3 - Unison


If you’re into recording genres requiring different textures (from Flamenco to Hard Rock), experiment with the panorama control. 


This feature allows you to position the guitar in the stereo field 一 letting you simulate anything from an intimate acoustic guitar setting to a roaring live performance.


If you love that acoustic guitar sound or acoustic guitar energy, this guitar amp plugin delivers.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


DSK - Unison


  • Offers three types of guitars
  • Dynamic velocity response with a customizable ‘Range’ knob for nuanced expression.
  • Features ADSR envelope controls, voice mode selector, and reverb for in-depth sound shaping.
  • Comes with panorama control for stereo field positioning.
  • Low-CPU usage (Windows & Mac).
  • One of the best free guitar VSTs of 2023.


#12. Cute Emily Guitar by Karoryfer


Emily Guitar - Unison


If you’re on the hunt for a no-nonsense guitar VST with a clean tone perfect for blues and jazz, look no further than Cute Emily Guitar by Karoryfer


Cute Emily Guitar features dry samples of an Epiphone SG equipped with thick flat-wound string.


This successfully translates to a vintage-sounding tone that is especially enjoyable when in lower registers. 


The user interface is simple, yet effective, featuring ADSR, volume, and pan controls.


  • The sound quality of its low notes Carry a rich, velvety texture.
  • The high notes (while slightly plonky) 一 Can be manipulated with external effects.


The interface lacks built-in reverb and the sampled instruments are recorded dry.


Meaning, you must supplement it with additional processing in your digital audio workstation (like FL Studio).


The real charm of Cute Emily Guitar unfolds when you pair it with a guitar amp simulator. 


Emily 2 - Unison


This combination transforms the dry samples into a lively, full-bodied instrument. 


And since it’s a low-CPU plugin, you can afford to load it up with additional FX without worrying about your system slowing down. 


This makes it a nice addition to melodic riffs and a powerful tool when layered with other instruments and effects.




For those who are into blues or jazz and love experimenting with effects, try running Cute Emily Guitar through a vintage amp simulator and a touch of chorus or phaser


You’ll be surprised how such a simple, free plugin can produce complex and highly satisfying tones.


Key Features of this Free Guitar VST Plugin:


Emily 3 - Unison


  • Dry samples from an Epiphone SG equipped with flat-wound strings.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Exceptional tonal quality in low notes.
  • High notes can be enriched using external effects.
  • Lacks built-in reverb, but pairs exceptionally well with external amp simulators and effects.
  • Low-CPU usage.
  • One of the best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


The 12 Best Free Guitar VST Plugins: Final Thoughts


Guitars have always had the magical ability to add that ‘it’ factor to any musical arrangement.


From the rugged strums of acoustic guitars to the electrifying leads of rock anthems, guitars bring a certain soul and dynamism that is tough to replicate with any other instrument.


As a music producer, incorporating authentic guitar sounds in your tracks can be the transformative element that takes your music from basic to unforgettable.


We’ve searched the digital world to present you with the 13 best free guitar VST plugins of 2023.


Each offers a unique and astonishing palette of guitar tones and capabilities.


These plugins are not just placeholders but powerful tools that can impart depth, texture, and realism to your music.


But we’re not done helping you elevate your music game just yet…


For those of you who are looking to truly ascend to the next level of music production, we have a special treat: the Beatmaker Guitar Pack (Free Teaser).


This renowned pack includes 10 free guitar loops with matching stems that are 100% royalty-free.


What sets this pack apart is the expert craftsmanship that has gone into each loop, modeled off the styles of the biggest hit songs in beatmaking genres.


With 10 Processed Guitar Loops, 10 Dry Guitar Loops, 32 Matching Processed Stems, 30 Matching Dry Stems, and 40 Matching MIDI Stems, you’ll have an arsenal of sounds at your fingertips.


Feel the immediate impact of proper, polished, and perfectly processed guitar loops in your next project.


NOTE: All files are cleared for personal and commercial use, so you’re free to experiment and integrate them into your music however you wish.


With these resources at your disposal, you’re not just tweaking sounds 一 you’re shaping musical experiences.


Prepare to have your tracks not just heard, but felt.


Until next time…



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